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A list of sites which can be used to enhance your Twitter experience

13th May 2009

Twitter and your business, well a lot of people have been asking how can I generate business to my
website via twitter. the easy way to gain exposure is to firstly sign up
using your business name, make your profile look good, as you want to entice your
prospects to come back for more information and tweets.
We will soon be updating our range of twitter backgrounds to make them more
specific to certain niches. Also if you want to drive further traffic to your business
you need to constantly update with relevant tweets that will interest your followers,
do not join up and instantly start spamming your followers with your website address as
it will show them your only their to spam, every 10-15 posts post up your website link
or information about your affiliate product. You need to keep in constant friendly contact with
your followers to form a relation ship with them and keep them happy.

TwitterLater -
A great tool where you can schedule the time when you post a tweet, the automation of this is great,


For some of the best seo and social media tools check out these sites: Social Media Monitoring

Twollo allows you to add people form a certian demographic, you can add people who have the same interest as you
it is all done automated which is great.


Wiz Khalifa Quotes

Make your Digg posts into Tweets eveyr time you post your faviourite article on DIGG you can automatically tweet it
another great social bookmarking tool.


you can search through targeted groups and categories of users and grow an instant following, that is targeted to your biz.

Then don't drive them away with spammy sales lines, but post a bunch of fun links etc and once in a while some light sales pitches.


 Gives you Updates of the tweets and the direct messages that you get on your twitter account,
TwitterFox is a Mozilla Firefox add on program yet it also works with other browsers.


 the twitter Search engine allows you to stay in touch with the rest of the twitter space.
All you need to do is search for a keyword, people post up keyowrds on twitter using # tags.

Twitter Feed

Tweeting your blog posts in one line could be described as the functionality of TwitterFeed.
The rate at which they appear on twitter and other features can be easily monitored by you.


 This is staunch opposite to the TwitterFeeds that help you post your updated blog posts onto Twitter.
LoudTwitter helps you post your daily Tweets on to your blog.


Similar to google alerts this is for search marketers, a great tracking too for twitter.


Brunette babe twitter backgrounds, more twitter backgrounds click here

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